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About Us

Tradition has taught us to express sympathy to those whose loved ones have passed away. During a time of grief and pain, a friendly face in the room makes a big difference. A gathering of your friends and family is a familiar practice to commemorate the colorful life of your departed family member. As their souls rest, a bed of flowers on their casket is a wonderful reminder of the life they lived.

Mission Statement
VB Inc.'s mission is to become the recognized leader in quality silk floral blankets globally. While some companies aim for degrees of "Customer Satisfaction," VB Inc.'s will settle for nothing less than "Customer Delight". Our purpose is to exceed customer expectations and increase appreciation for silk floral blankets to comfort and lift the human spirit.

Company Summary
Violet's Blankets, Inc. designs and manufactures custom silk floral blankets for sale in the U.S. or globally. The customers are retail locations, individual customers, and wholesalers who want imported silk floral blankets. Our target demographic includes the entire socio-economic strata.

Company Ownership
Annetta Simpson, CEO

You can call us at 925-699-1350.