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Q. What is VB by AS?
A. Violet's Blankets, Inc designs and manufactures custom silk floral blankets for sale in the United States and beyond. The customers are retail locations, individual customers, and wholesalers who want imported silk floral blankets.

Q. How can we order?
A. You can place your orders online or call 925-699-1350.

Q. Can you deliver orders as soon as possible?
A. The speedy delivery of your orders will also depend on your location. However, we encourage you to inform us how soon you will need your order to arrive. We are serious about bringing satisfaction for our customers both on the products and the service that goes along.

Q. Can you make customized designs?
A. Absolutely, we can take specifics for your orders so it will be personalized.

Q. Can I order from you even if I'm in Paris?
A. Yes, we cater to the global market.